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  • The Language Matrix is a language teaching method inspired by the ‘fractal’ shape of trees

  • It allows complete beginners to instantly begin conversing in a new language by mixing and matching building blocks.

  • Tony Marsh offers online group classes and private lessons in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and English.

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Tony is on the cutting edge of language learning. The method has me conversing with native speakers faster than any other teacher or book.

-Kevin Triplett, Engineer, Saudi Arabia

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This unique approach doesn't waste time on traditional grammar instruction, focusing instead on useful expressions and content blocks. It has sped up my learning process and made my transition to life in France much easier. 

-Pola Henderson, Travel Blogger, Jetting Around


Tony is a master at language acquisition. I have never encountered a method as effective as his.

Daniel Hernandez, CEO of FAYO Bilingual Training Institute


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