The 4 most important verbs in Spanish

estar = to be

Estaba = I was
¿Estabas? = Were you?

Estoy = I am
¿Estás? = Are you?

Voy a estar = I'm going to be
¿Vas a estar? = Are you going to be?

tener = to have

Tenía = I had
¿Tenías? = Did you have?

Tengo = I have
¿Tienes? = Do you have?

Voy a tener = I'm going to have
¿Vas a tener? = Are you going to have?

ir = to go

Fui = I went
¿Fuiste? = Did you go?

Voy = I go/I'm going
¿Vas? = Do you go?/Are you going?

Voy a ir = I'm going to go
¿Vas a ir? = Are you going to go?

hacer = to do

Hice = I did
¿Hiciste? = Did you do?

Hago = I do
¿Haces? = Do you do?

Voy a hacer = I'm going to do
¿Vas a hacer? = Are you going to do?


¿Qué hiciste? = What did you do?
¿Qué estás haciendo? = What are you doing?
¿Qué vas a hacer? = What are you going to do?

ayer = yesterday
hoy = today
mañana = tomorrow

How many question and answers can you make with this?

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