What is the #1 most important factor in language learning?

What is the #1 most important factor in language learning?

Having the right books, class, and teacher? Learning grammar? Input first? Output first? Spaced repetition techniques? The #1 most important factor in language learning is interaction with other people.

To learn a language, you must interact with other people in the language. But how can you interact with other people in the language if you don't know the language?

To solve this problem, I developed a tool called the Language Matrix™, which is a spreadsheet grid that allows you to immediately begin conversing in any new language simply by mixing and matching building blocks, so you can learn the language by using the language, not by studying the language, similar to the way we learned our first languages as children.

I have developed my method over 12 years as an Arabic Cryptologic Linguist for the US Air Force (2005 - 2009), and a Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and English teacher for the FBI, Navy, NATO, and hundreds of private students.

My method is inspired by fractal geometry and Taoist philosophy, and I am grateful to my NATO Arabic student for calling the method "a miracle", and "new light in language learning".