Just as one learns to ride a bike by riding it, language students learn to speak using the language in conversation. Conversation is akin to getting on the bike and starting to pedal.

For nearly a decade, the The Language Matrix™ has been used to provide language learners around the globe a way to meet their personal and professional goals of not only learning new languages but actually having functional use of those languages.

The Language Matrix™ approach harnesses the power of  'fractal' shapes that we see repeated in nature (rivers, trees, and the human body). Conversation leads to the organic growth of language, which grows geometrically like a tree adding branches upon branches upon branches.

Students immediately enter into conversations by learning a few simple language patterns that can be used to express an unlimited number of ideas.  Simple conversations reinforce the use of these patterns that become more complex with practice and rapidly facilitate learning. All this information is logically organized in The Language Matrix™.